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Violet Light Reiki 3 and 4 audio Attunements

From  Violet Paille, the founder:

"Violet Light Reiki 3-4 Attunement is a revision of the popular Violet Flame Reiki as founded by Ivy Moore. 

This revision of the original includes techniques from the essence of the Violet Flame itself, as well as changes to the symbols, Attunement processes, History and self healings of the Violet Flame.

I had the pleasure of channeling this unique new energy as soon as I began studying the original version of Violet Flame Reiki Attunements.

During an Attunement I was taken on a journey to the origin of the Violet Flame Reiki. I saw its Creation And its history, and each of its most important Incarnations. 

The flame then took me on a journey to the origin of the symbols, and showed me 9 for each level, as well as the meanings for each. 

Some of the symbols I was shown, I had been signing on assignments for high school years ago.

Since writing the revision I have been able to attune people to this energy and I find that they feel a sense of completion, calm, relaxation and fulfillment with the Violet Flame. 

I hope that you too can take this energy to better your spiritual development." by Violet Paille, Founder. price/$39.99